Xima Lee Hulings Style Blueprint Faces of the South

"Second Careers Are Sometimes the Most Fruitful"

by Andrea Williams, Style Blueprint "FACES of the South"

October 2016

The notion that we can do whatever we want in life — and that it’s never too late to get started — has never proven more true than when you meet someone like Xima Lee Hulings. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Xima attended Vanderbilt University, where she studied mostly fine arts, and she received her master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University before embarking on a successful career in architecture design that spanned more than 20 years. [READ MORE]



Xima Lee Hulings USA Today

Style Scout: Southern Imagery Xima Lee Hulings

by Stephanie Van Hoesen, USA Today

July 2015

Hulings is the quintessential Southern woman. Within seconds, I felt as though we had known each other all our lives. Her joyful Southern accent was alluring, and the excitement in her eyes was infectious. She brought me into the vendor booth as if welcoming an old friend into her home. Before discussing the paintings, we talked for the longest time about Nashville, traveling, returning "home", her family farm Harlinsdale, and all the mutual connections we shared. The woman knows everybody! And it's not hard to understand why: the woman is delightful. [READ MORE]



Xima Lee Hulings Wellesley Weston Magazine

"The Making of an Artist"

by Constance Fulenwider, Wellesley Weston Magazine

Summer 2011

Haunting sepia portraits of ordinary people taken by Arkansas photographer Mike Disfarmer from 1910 to the 1950s cover Xima Lee Hulings’ South End studio walls. She has painted her subjects onto heavy watercolor paper and surrounded them with backgrounds from her imagination: gold leaf, bright William Morris wallpaper patterned floors, circles reminiscent of iconic Christian halos or Buddhist mandalas patterned behind some of their heads. Others have been trimmed with silk and appear to be ancient Japanese scrolls, until you look more closely. [READ MORE]