How can I communicate with the artist?

You can reach me at xima@mac.com. And if you'd like to see work of mine from another series you can do that by going to www.xima.net

What does giclee mean?

The term giclee is relatively new in artistic terms. It has been attributed to a french printmaker in the 1990's who described the squirting of pigment onto paper, canvas or other suitable material with this french verb. The early inkjet printers of the 1980's made reproduction of fine art possible and the technology has continued to improve both in terms of resolution and quality ever since. How the original artwork is captured is of vital importance along with the choice of ink and substrate. Today you can find work in museums and galleries that use giclee as a means of reproduction. 

What are the choices for framing?

Click here to see images and learn more about how the giclee prints can be framed. Please note that the original paintings offered for sale are already mounted onto a block frame and are, therefore, not available with a mat.

How can I protect my artwork?

If you purchased a Haystacker paperweight the artwork surface will be protected, of course, by the heavy glass covering, but it should never come into contact with liquids as the felt bottom will not be enough to protect it from water damage. The felt bottom will, however, keep the glass from scratching your important desk or worktop.

If you purchased a High Farm or Out to Pasture giclee print mounted to the block frame the 22k gold leaf will be sealed with a clear sealant. It is highly recommended, however, that you handle the overall surface very gently. Try to touch the artwork only along the wooden frame and avoid touching the front surface. When thinking about where to hang your new piece, please consider a surface that does not receive direct sunlight. Over an extended period of time the artwork, if in direct sunlight, will lightly fade. The inks used for giclee are improving all the time and the current inks are thought to last over 99 years if handled responsibly. 

What is your return policy?

You can see a long version of my return policy by clicking on the button on the bottom of the shopping cart page. But in a nutshell, I want to resolve any issues you have fairly and quickly.

I take great care to create each object and will send them to you well protected and ready to hang (or stack on your papers) straight out of the box. If something should arrive damaged I want to know about it right away so I can exchange it for another and if you don't like the piece you picked I will allow you to exchange it for one you will like. I only ask that you let me know within 7 days of receiving the item and have it back to me for replacement within 30 days.

Because each item is treated with gold leaf I am not able to manage returns with credit but, instead, to allow you to exchange for a similar product. 

Finally, if a return is necessary I will send along by email a sheet for you to fill out telling me why you need to return the item. This will expedite the process and help me to manage changes in the studio going forward so it doesn't happen again.

What about shipping?

I have found that using the United States Postage Service is convenient and time tested. The costs you see associated with your purchase reflect the Priority Rate (2-3 Day from the day sent) and can be issued a tracking number so we can both watch its progress. If you have any questions or prefer a different carrier, don't hesitate to contact me at xima@mac.com and I will adjust as needed.