A handcrafted paperweight makes a wonderful gift for clients, employees, employers, co-workers, friends, and family. Paperweights from Walking Papers Studio feature original paintings by Xima Lee inspired by her family farm in Franklin, TN.

What Sets Haystacker Glass Apart

We call these gorgeous paperweights “Haystacker” glass because they are perfect for managing your “haystacks” of paper. Declutter your desk by organizing papers in style. Bring unique art and local Tennessee flare to your office with a gift that is both beautiful and functional. Each piece is carefully handcrafted so you know you are receiving a quality item, not a mass-produced product. Solid glass is used to create each paperweight. Imitation gold leaf provides an eye-catching background for your chosen original painting. A felt liner protects your surface from scratches and marks.

A Gift Both Personal and Functional

 Our Haystacker Glass paperweights are both an elegant and functional addition to your office or gift for those in your life. Choose from two dozen featured prints of our animal friends from the farm. Gift a haystacker glass paperweight to a friend with a taste for farmhouse-chic decor or anyone who loves animals and unique, local art. Each featured painting has a memorable story behind it and is named for an animal on artist Xima Lee’s family farm.

Paperweights are a beautiful and practical gift that can be used, viewed, and appreciated every single day. With haystack glass paperweights, artwork is no longer limited to the walls. These handcrafted items make thoughtful, personal gifts that will last so much longer than a t-shirt or mass-produced item.

A Worthwhile Keepsake

Many people are drawn to visit and even live in Middle TN thanks to Nashville’s famous country music, southern manners, and its beautiful farmland set among rolling hills. Haystacker paperweights let you bring a piece of Middle TN into your home, providing inspiration and functionality to any room you choose.