Horse Paperweight

From the famous Tennessee Walking Horse to the Iroquois Steeplechase, horses have long been a part of Tennessee’s history and culture. Horses are also an essential part of artist Xima Lee’s family farm in Franklin, TN.

Xima Lee’s artwork continues her family’s long history with horses. Lee’s family farm was established in 1935 by Wirt Harlin on the outskirts of Franklin, TN. Within a decade, Harlinsdale Farm achieved renown in the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. The farm was once home to the famous colt Midnight Sun who won first place in the Shelbyville national celebration in 1945 and 1946 to become the first repeat National Champion. Today, Harlinsdale remains a beautiful green space preserved as a park by the city of Franklin. It still home to a number of gorgeous horses each with their own personality. From the inquisitive “Sarah” to kind-hearted “Edwina,” these horses inspire the handcrafted items in Walking Papers Studio’s collection. 

Haystacker Glass Horse Paperweight 

All of Walking Papers Studio’s haystacker glass paperweights are handcrafted from solid glass and feature original artwork by artist Xima Lee. A horse paperweight from our collection can be the perfect gift for the horse or animal lover in your life. Haystacker glass paperweights bring art and functionality together, organizing the “haystacks” of paper on your desk or any other surface while providing inspirational and southern design.

Choose from two dozen different designs featuring our favorites friends from the farm. Each piece is named for one of the lively animals on the farm. Our horse paperweights speak to the unique personalities of each horse. Beautiful imitation gold leaf provides a background that emphasizes the elegance and beauty of each featured work of art.

Haystacker glass horse paperweights make thoughtful, personal gifts for equestrian enthusiasts, animal lovers, and those who enjoy local, farm-inspired art. Walking Papers Studio takes pride in each and every item produced, handcrafting paperweights that will last for years.

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