High Farm

Bring a dash of Southern elegance into your home with these High Farm giclee prints. This collection celebrates the many characters found on the farm who live their lives with authenticity and attitude. The cows, chickens, goats, horses, and other friendly farm folk never feel the rush of time or the pull of technology, but instead live life in the present. Whether it’s the sly demeanor of “Finnegan”, the wanderlust found in “Mrs. Honeycutt”, or the lively spirit of “Flip”, each animal brings its own unique and distinct essence and personality to your home.

These portraits capture the spirit of each animal to honor their world on the farm. Each of the giclee prints in the High Farm series is a reproduction of an original painting by artist Xima Lee Hulings using watercolor, gouache, ink and pen. The original paintings have backgrounds treated with a traditional clay wash called bolle to prepare for the application of gold leaf; you may see hints of that red bolle peeking through the 22k gold leaf on your giclee. Each finished product is a monoprint -- a unique representation of the original painting and a piece all unto its own. 

The original paintings were photographed in high definition before receiving their 22k gold layer to assure that each giclee print is a true color match to the original work. The paper chosen for this series of prints has a high bamboo content and the inks used in production are archival to assure the longest lasting reproduction possible today. Your giclee will have its own application of gold leaf rendering it a unique facsimile of the original painting. These animals will last far beyond their years! The perfect addition to any room, High Farm is the perfect slice of sophistication and fun.