Gold Leaf Pig Tray

Pigs not only have plenty of personality, but also bring elegance and delightful local art to any room in our Stable Trays collection. A gold leaf pig tray from this collection features an animal friend from artist Xima Lee’s family farm in Franklin, TN. Each gold leaf pig tray captures the unique personality and story of the animal that inspired it. “Blossom” is a Vietnamese pig content to spend his time wandering the farmyard with his friends. “Phyllis” makes it clear when someone has hurt her feelings, but with more than two dozen animal friends in the Stable Trays collection, she has plenty of company to lift her spirits.

The imitation gold leaf background carefully applied to each tray gives a stately touch that highlights the beauty of every featured work of art. The gold background also serves to tie the entire collection of Stable Trays together so that you can mix and match any of our pieces for decorations that reflect distinct stories and personality. With Stable Trays, art is no longer just for the walls. Display these trays on any desk, wall, shelf, or other surface for a piece that combines original farm-inspired art with an elegant edge.

All of our trays are handcrafted with careful attention to produce a completely unique work of art. We begin by applying the imitation gold leaf background and finish with a soft fabric backing with gold accent trim. This maintains the high-class appeal of your piece while protecting your valuable surfaces. Each tray has a patina finish all its own which brings out the unexpected and individual beauty of ever work.

Whether you are looking to bring serene, farm-inspired artwork to your home or you’re seeking a thoughtful, personal gift for someone in your life, the Stable Trays collection has something for everyone.