Gold Leaf Kitchen Decor

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. The gold leaf kitchen décor from our Stable Trays collection reimagines the classic subject of barnyard animals in a way which combines southern charm and timeless sophistication. Elegant imitation gold leaf acts as the background for featured, original work of artist Xima Lee. Each piece reflects the personality and style of the animal friend for which it is named. “George” is a big and brave bull with a gleaming black coat, while “Betsy” is a dog who will always stand at your side. “Sallie Mae” brings old fashioned flare to your kitchen while “Finnegan” shares his cattish charms.

The Perfect Conversation Piece

 Our gold leaf kitchen décor lets you bring unique southern art to your shelves, walls, kitchen island, table, or any other surface. There is a special story behind every tray from Walking Papers Studio, making these trays thoughtful and personal gifts to friends or the perfect conversation piece for your kitchen.

Our Unique Process

Every tray is handcrafted and made to order so that every piece we make results in a uniquely beautiful work of art never repeated or mass produced. The imitation gold leaf background highlights the character of the featured animal for which the piece is named. This elegant background also serves to tie the entire Stable Tray collection together. Our more than two dozen options guarantee you’ll find the perfect piece that speaks to you. Mix and match pieces to bring sophistication and southern charm to every part of your kitchen and home. Our animal friends love to keep each other company!

A patina finish brings out the unexpected beauty of every tray while soft fabric backing ensures your valuable surfaces are always protected.

While our animals are comfortable on land, they should not be submerged in water.