Gold Leaf Interior Decorations

Whether you are looking to add art to your walls, tables, or desks, Walking Papers Studio’s collection of over two dozen original works has something that will speak to you.  

Named for and inspired by the animal friends on her family farm in Franklin, TN, Lee’s gold leaf interior decorations combine sophistication and southern charm. From our gold leaf trays to our high quality giclee prints with gold-accent backgrounds, every work of art uses elegant elements to reflect each animal’s personality. From the curious and social “Sarah” to the frisky “Flip”, you’re sure to find an animal friend in our Stable Trays collection that speaks to you.

 What makes our gold leaf interior decorations unique? Every piece is handcrafted for individual finish and flare. Our high quality prints, handcrafted trays, and glass paperweights all work in harmony, allowing you to enjoy art in every part of your home.  

The more than two dozen animals featured in our collections reflect the timeless peace of the pasture, where our friends from the farm spend their days rooted in the present moment, unhurried and unafraid. Our trays allow you to bring original Southern art to any part of your home. Display these decorations on shelves, walls, desks, coffee tables, or any surface you choose to add a hint of elegance to any space. Our High Farm prints are perfect for adorning your walls while our Haystacker Glass organizes your piles of papers in style. 

Our gold leaf trays, glass paperweights, and High Farm prints also make wonderful gifts for friends, family, coworkers, and more. Each piece is made with care and attention, reflecting the thoughtfulness of your gift. Whether buying for another or for your own home, the Walking Papers Studio offers art which will be appreciated and admired for years to come.