Gold Leaf Interior Decor

Gold leaf interior décor brings elegance to any space by providing walls, shelves, and desks with eye-catching and distinctive pieces. The gold leaf interior décor in our Stable Trays collection combines the sophistication of imitation gold leaf with the southern charm of artist Xima Lee’s original art. Each piece features a different animal from Lee’s family farm in Franklin, TN, creating a piece which is both beautiful and full of personality. And because each tray is handcrafted, you know you are receiving a unique work of art whose beauty is never repeated.

A patina finish is applied to each gold leaf tray to bring out the work’s distinctive qualities. The gold foil background serves as the perfect backdrop for the featured work of art on each piece. This background also ties together the over two dozen options in our Stable Trays collection so that you can mix and match any of our animal friends.

Trays are perfect for placing on desks, coffee tables, shelves, and walls, allowing you to bring art to any part of your home. Our Stable Trays also make a wonderful gift for friends or family. Whether you simply want to share original southern art with an animal-loving friend or you want a gift with personality and story behind it, you’re sure to find something in our collection that speaks to you.

Every tray reflects the spirit and character of the animal for which it is named. The beautiful “Edwina” is a gentle, kind horse who spreads joy to everyone she meets. “Utley” might just be the cutest pup you ever encounter. The quiet and mysterious “James” brings comfort and calm to any room while “Mrs. Honeycutt” radiates southern attitude and style.

All trays are signed by the artist and come in different shapes according to the featured art. Trays should not be submerged in water.