Stable Trays

Add a touch of Southern charm and sophistication to your home with these beautiful gold leaf farm animal trays. These decorative trays make wonderful gifts and are elegant, yet playful, adornments for any desk, wall or table. 

Each decoupage stable tray is handmade and signed by artist Xima Lee Hulings using the barnyard characters from Walking Papers Studio's High Farm print collection. These pieces are available in a variety of rectangle and square shapes to fit any space and come in a range of personalities from the farm. 

These beautiful farm animal trays are first affixed with an imitation gold leaf before they are applied to the underside of a glass sheet. Each tray is unique with a patina finish all its own. This finish, much like that of a fine leather, brings with it a pleasing, unexpected and beautiful result all made to order. To top it off, a soft fabric backing with a gold accent trim are added for a final presentation that is both stately and stylish.

While these animals find peace and comfort when on land, they should not be immersed in water.