Gold Leaf Decor

Gold leaf décor has long been an elegant element of interior design. The gold leaf trays, prints, and paperweights from Walking Papers Studio bring this timeless sophistication together with the distinct personalities found in every piece by artist Xima Lee. Our collections feature over two dozen animal friends from the farm on gold leaf décor, perfect for transforming any space in your home.

The Inspiration

Every piece from Walking Papers Studio is named for the featured animal. Xima Lee’s original artwork captures the charm and character of every animal friend, from the playful “Marklee” to the inquisitive “Lottie.” The artist draws inspiration from her family farm in Franklin, TN, creating work which reflects the timeless sense of serenity found in the slow, sweet countryside.

Our Process

 All pieces are carefully handcrafted to create a unique work of art made to order. The gold leaf ties together the more than two dozen pieces in our Stable Trays, Haystacker Glass, and High Farm collections so that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Our friends from the farm love to keep each other company!

Each work of art reflects a unique beauty unlike any other piece. Our trays begin with the careful application of imitation gold leaf. Both our glass paperweights and trays have soft fabric backings to protect your valuable surfaces. All works reflect the quality, time, and attention put into every stage for a work of art you are sure to love.

The Perfect Conversation Piece

Our Stable Trays, glass paperweights, and high quality prints make the perfect conversation piece in any part of the home. Display on a table, desk, shelf, or wall for a work of art that will get all your guests talking. The unique beauty of each piece also makes these a wonderful, thoughtful gift for friends or family.