Gold Leaf Chicken Tray

The Stable Trays collection brings beautiful, original handcrafted art to your home. These unique decorations offer farm-inspired art for desks, walls, and shelves. Each piece has distinct personality and style, making these gold leaf trays the perfect gift or addition to your home .

Roosters and hens have long been part of farm-inspired décor. A gold leaf chicken tray from the Stable Trays collection puts a fresh spin on a classic subject. Each gold leaf chicken tray features original art by artist Xima Lee. The animals on her family farm in Franklin, TN inspire the different pieces in the Stable Trays collection. “Clementine” is a hen known for her natural beauty. “Mrs. Honeycutt” has a reputation for roaming, making herself known wherever she goes. “Sallie Mae” is an old-fashioned gal and has been since the day she was born.

Every piece in the Stable Trays collection is handcrafted to produce a piece with distinct, individual beauty. We begin by fixing imitation gold leaf which acts as an elegant background. This background not only highlights the southern charm of the piece’s featured animal art, but also adds sophistication and ties the entire collection together. Our animals love to keep each other company, allowing you to mix and match different pieces from our collection of over two dozen options.

Each tray is completed by adding a soft fabric backing with gold accent trim. The unique patina finish applied ensures your piece is unlike any other. The tray is also signed by the artist and named for a friend on the farm. You can learn the story behind each work of art. These stories bring the art to life, making a memorable gift for friends and family or a conversation-piece in your home.  Bring the timeless sense of southern farm life to your home with a gorgeous tray that will provide years of enjoyment.