Farm Animal Artwork

At Walking Papers Studio, we create farm animal artwork with a personal connection. Every handcrafted piece from Walking Papers Studio features original farm animal art by Xima Lee inspired by her family farm in Franklin, TN. Our High Farm prints, Haystacker Glass, and Stable Trays feature portraits of our favorite animal friends. From the shy and observant “Issac” to the ever-friendly “Scout”, with more than two dozen portraits in our collections, we are confident you will find the farm animal artwork that speaks to you.

 Our diverse collections let you bring southern sophistication to any part of your home. Display our High Art giclee prints on your walls, use our Haystacker Glass paperweights to bring stylish organization to your office or desk, or use our luxurious gold leaf Stable Trays on any table, shelf or surface of your choosing. Our paperweights and trays all have soft fabric backings to protect your surfaces from damage.

Xima Lee takes the time to capture the independent essence of every animal in her portraits. The result reflects her special bond with her favorite friends from the farm, as well as each subject’s unique spirit. Every product from Walking Papers Studio receives the same care and attention put into the original painting. We handcraft every piece to create a product whose beauty is never repeated exactly.

The original works of farm animal art result from a combination of gold leaf background, watercolor, ink, pen, and gouache. Giclee high resolution prints preserve the subtle details of the original work to produce gorgeous works of art perfect for sharing on your walls, desk, tables, and shelves. Every work has a special story behind it, making for the perfect conversation piece. Whether you are looking to add southern charm and sophistication to your home or you want to give a thoughtful piece with personality to a friend, Walking Papers Studio has something for you