Cow Paperweight

Walking Papers Studio’s haystack glass collection features animals from the family farm set among the rolling hills of Tennessee. When you think of cows on such a farm, you probably envision large herds grazing in the pastures, but a handcrafted glass cow paperwork features art work which captures the individual essences of several cows known and loved by the artist Xima Lee.


“Charlotte” loves to spend time under the big oak tree while “Frances” wears her ox bow like a fashion accessory. “Hank” has a no-nonsense attitude that contrasts with the quiet, calm nature of “James.” “Milton,” “Clifford,” and “Harper” also bring their own charms and stories to this collection.

 What Makes Our Pieces Different

Our paperweights are carefully crafted and never mass-produced. Each handcrafted cow paperweight is made with care and attention to produce a unique piece that helps you organize your “haystacks” of papers in style. Each paperweight is made from solid glass and features a detailed painting of a friend from the farm. Imitation gold foil provides an elegant backdrop that brings out the beauty in every work of art. This background also serves to tie the collection of Haystacker Glass paperweights together, so you can coordinate multiple pieces. The animals featured on our products love to keep each other company!

A cow paperweight can make the perfect gift for anyone in your life that loves farm-chic styles, barnyard animals, local or handcrafted art. Paperweights are both beautiful and functional, bringing art and inspiration to your office or any other room. Each piece reflects the thought and attention you put into your selection whether gifting the item to a friend, co-worker, family member, or using it to decorate your own home. With Gaystacker glass paperweights, art is no longer just for the walls. Transform your desk by choosing from the many designs in our collection.