Barnyard Animal Home Decor

There’s a reason many people are drawn to animals from an early age. We know that our friends from the farm each have distinct personalities and charms waiting to be revealed. Artist Xima Lee’s portraits capture the individual spirit of the animals from her family farm in Franklin, TN in works of art that offer a unique take on southern sophistication. Our Haystacker Glass paperweights, Stable Trays, and high-quality prints allow you to bring original and beautiful barnyard animal home décor to any part of your home.

Walking Papers Studio’s barnyard animal home décor isn’t just for the walls. Display our elegant gold leaf trays and paperweights on any table, desk, or surface. Each piece has a soft fabric backing to prevent scratches and damage.

 Just as artist Xima Lee puts time, consideration, and intention into every phase of her original art, we take the time to handcraft each and every piece from Walking Papers Studio. Our art is made to order and never mass produced. Our Stable Trays, Haystacker Glass paperweights, and high quality prints use gold leaf background to combine luxury with the timeless style of our barnyard friends. This background also serves to tie every work of art together, allowing you to mix and match whichever portraits speak to you.

“Edwina”, “Sarah” and “Harlin” enjoy keeping equestrian fans company in any part of the home. Our dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, donkeys, cows, and goats also extend the farm’s sense of tranquility and natural rhythm to viewers.

Much of today’s art feels impersonal, common, and uninspired. The portraits from Walking Papers Studio come from the unique stories and characters only these particular animals can offer. Xima Lee is proud to share her animal friends with all who view her work. Bring some of the barnyard charm to your space, or gift a friend with a work of art that will bring joy for years to come.