Barnyard Animal Art

Whether you are a fan of beautiful, unique southern art or you love the quiet country charm of the farm, Walking Papers Studio’s Barnyard animal art offers dozens of options that bring elegance and personality to every space. Every piece from Walking Papers Studio is handcrafted and made to order. Just as artist Xima Lee thoughtfully crafts every one of her farm animal paintings, we carefully create each piece in our collections to highlight distinct and individual beauty. From our gold leaf Stable Trays to our farm animal prints, Walking Papers Studio combines sophistication and originality to bring you barnyard animal art unlike any other. 

Our friends from the farm have their own thoughts and opinions to share. They like to show their distinctive colors and personalities the more we get to know them. Artist Xima Lee’s farm animal paintings feature animals from her family farm in Franklin, TN, capturing their individual spirits and stories in every work of art. Whether you love cats, dogs, goats, chickens, horses, donkeys, or pigs, our collections offer something for you.

“Edwina” is a horse who brings joy throughout the barnyard with her generous and abundant kindness. The imitation gold leaf background plays off the light blue patterned tilework and highlights the sleekness of Edwina’s glossy brown coat.

“Frances” is the kind of girl to wear an ox bow like a fashion accessory. She’s stylish and she knows it.

Learn the stories behind each of our more than two dozen farm animal prints to transform a gorgeous work of art into a conversation piece. These stories create a personal connection to every piece in your home and make Walking Papers Studio’s décor a wonderfully thoughtful gift for family and friends.

If you love barnyard animals and art that stands out from the herd, explore our beautiful trays, prints, and more!