Animal Paperweights

The animal paperweights in the Haystacker Glass collection from Walking Papers Studio reflect the individual personalities of nearly two dozen animal friends from the farm. Artist Xima Lee handcrafts each paperweight individually to provide beauty and functionality to each unique piece. The original art in the Gaystacker glass collection features animals that Xima Lee knows and loves. The collection also draws inspiration from the artist’s family farm in Franklin, TN. 

A Gift Both Personal and Meaningful

 Our glass paperweights make the perfect gift for friends, family, co-workers, and for decorating your own home. Organize your “haystacks” of paper while styling your desk with local, farm-inspired artwork. Choose from our collection of two dozen different designs to find the perfect paperweight for you or someone you know.

 Our pieces are each carefully crafted and never mass-produced, so you know you are purchasing a piece that will never be exactly repeated. Our Haystacker paperweights are made from solid glass. Imitation gold foil creates an elegant background for each featured work of art, tying together the whole collection so you can match different pieces together throughout your office or home. Our animal paperweights love to keep each other company! 

Many people enjoy collecting or gifting items which capture the local spirit. Haystacker glass paperweights are perfect for those looking for practical art that reflects the farm and animal community of Middle Tennessee. Each piece has a fun and memorable story behind it, making these paperweights a wonderful keepsake.

Whether you are a curious soul like the horse “Sarah,” an old-fashioned type like the hen “Sallie Mae,” or a social-butterfly like “Blossom,” you can find the paperweight that matches your style and personality.

Each paperweight comes with a felt liner so you can use and display your pieces without damaging the surface of your furniture. Learn more about each piece and the inspiration behind it to select your favorite.