All Walking Papers Studio products are made by hand with love, care and attention by Nashville artist, Xima Lee Hulings. Each piece of farmhouse decor is a unique representation of Xima's original Harlinsdale Farm-inspired animal paintings that celebrate the distinct personalities of the characters found on the farm.

High Farm

This collection celebrates the many creatures found on the farm as they live their lives with authenticity and attitude. These archival giclee prints are enhanced with 23k gold leaf, adding sophistication wherever they roam. Each piece of animal art is signed by the artist and mounted to a wooden block frame ready to hang straight from the package. The High Farm portraits capture the spirit of each animal with vibrant patterns designed especially for them.  

Haystacker Glass

This collection of glass paperweights makes any pile of paper look elegant; they help to organize and de-stress the clutter of everyday life. Each glass disk is adorned with the image of an animal after that image has received gold leaf for a sophisticated touch. It is then applied to the disk and finished with felt or cork and signed by the artist. The paperweights add an attractive, friendly touch to all your "haystacks".

Stable Trays

These stable trays provide an elegant landing spot for all the things that go missing, like glasses, keys, and that pesky remote. Inspired by the High Farm animals in the stable, the glass decoupage tray is decorated with a gold leaf adorned animal of your choice and finished with a soft fabric backing to protect all the delicate surfaces around the home. Finally, each is trimmed with a vibrant gold edge, a truly stunning addition to your home or the perfect housewarming gift.